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Dr. Vikas Atri (HES-I)


A cordial welcome to all at S. U. S. Govt. College Matak Majri! College education is an important phase of education and learning. Learning itself is a life-long process. Higher Education doesn’t mean merely acquisition of facts, figures and formulas, but building sound character, nurturing creativity, inculcating discipline, attaining vibrant skills, enabling employment and developing leadership qualities. Highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff and committed non-teaching staff provide conducive and supportive environment to the young aspirants/ learners. With the introduction of NEP-2020 w.e.f. the current academic session, multidisciplinary and holistic approach of Higher Education is going to stimulate innovation, creativity and critical thinking. The perfect blend of three important ingredients of Higher Education teachers, students and ecosystem at this college will lead to multi-facet and all-around growth of students. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!